So I migrated over to ja.stackoverflow.com, which is just the japanese version of stackoverflow, and realized how much different japanese devs are to the american ones Im used too.

On the standard StackOverflow I would see people argue and lots of questions would be downvoted. but on its japanese counterpart if you even ask for a little more context on a question they speak to you as if you were there boss. They also always say thank you sir at the end of their comment.

Im tempted to just keep google translate open and stay on ja.stackoverflow

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    Time to fucking learn japanese.
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    I completely understand the rationale for language-based stackexchange platforms, yet still I can't stop but feel sad about the babel-ian fragmentation.

    I always liked the concept of all the people coming together and working on a huge resource for programming.

    Yet it's also a very anglocentric perspective (even though I am German).
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    @Ranchonyx but.. If everybody learns Japanese we'll just fuck up that site as well :(
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    @k0pernikus True.

    I hate when I see a question similar to a problem I have, and all interactions is people trying to correct the question or saying that it's a duplicate of a question.

    For example, some years ago, I was searching how can I make an Android app that self-uninstalls.
    I needed that because the client wanted that workers have that app.
    But when the worker is fired, the app must "destroy" itself, deleting all data and uninstall itself.
    I wasn't able to bypass the "Uninstall" screen, so I explained my situation and how I could auto-uninstall my app.
    After all "spell checker", I got answers that it's a duplicated question and linked to a question where all answers still need user input to uninstall app.

    I ended by creating a way to delete and corrupt the app.
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    That is just Japanese being Japanese.
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    Hoh, that’s so nice
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    1 more reason to learn japanese. Anime still tops the reason chart....
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    The only thing that sucks is that japanese is almost 10 languages in one.
    You have the 3(+1) writting systems (kanji, hiragana, katakana (+ latin characters))

    You have a "language" when you are speaking to a senpai, other in work, other in your family, other for your kouhai.
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    Does google translate work on japanese or asian characters in general?

    The translations iirc make now sense and sunny match the actual meaning most of the time?

    I remember tried reading like manga or light novels before using that but the sentence just make no sense...
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    I miss the days of MINASWAN
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    I realize this too.... And sometimes in CSDN (Chinese ) also helpful than stackoverflow
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    If I needed any more reasons to move to Japan.
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