I would like to collect some sentences that amount to mobbing on the workplace, especially if repeated often and targeting the same person.

Sentence (flattering hypocrisy):
You are to good to waste your precious time in this demeaning task, let somebody else/me do it!.

demoting someone, alienate the target from crucial tasks and move the (important) tasks to the mobbers or somebody closer to them.

the targets usually don't buy the flattery, they are disgusted by it.
But they start to feel guilty: maybe they are not delegating enough, or not letting other people grow, or taking too much things on themselves.
They start to let go. But they have an hard time finding really more useful things to do.
They alienate themselves slowly from the team.
They'll be slowly fired.

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    I've seen this behavior coming from individuals as well. Same as stonewalling, heckling, domineering and one-upmanship.

    It does take a certain toughness to work in tech these days. And sometimes A LOT OF LUCK to land with a team where engineers have a decent degree of self-awareness.
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    I mobbed my old managers. How bout dat?
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    Huh... I'm doing this with one of our senior engineers who regularly is pulling 12h shifts, but in good intention (Don't want the guy to work himself to death).

    It's always about the context, and about saying and accepting "no" even when someone tries to help.
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    @ilPinguino It depends on your intention of course.

    But, if I were in your place, I'd probably try to understand why he's pulling so many hours.
    Probably there is something that must be changed in the technology, in the project, in the resources.

    And he probably has solutions, but he's not able to get help. why?
    Taking him the job away with a flattery is kind of manipulative, these kind of people usually feel it and react badly.
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    That person has trouble asking for help. He's generally somewhere on the autism spectrum.
    So am I, but I have the advantage of being younger, born in a time where there were more possibilities for therapy.
    The rest of the team just can't be arsed to help him, as it seems, because that guy is... Lacking general social skills (so was I, but I got quite an amount of therapy and learned some of it) and quickly resorts to insults, doesn't generally realize when he is crossing a line... I don't say that he never offended me, but I understand it somewhat. I don't want him to work himself to death, you know.
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    You can ask that person "Well, do you have a sugestion on what better things I can do instead of this then?" Also communicate and report to your manager/leader constantly.
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    @ggtiono "You are a genius, you should fly high and decide the future of the company". Which he/she is not entitled to do of course
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