quick poll:
dual monitors or 1 ultra wide for coding

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    Unpopular opinion: Doesn't really matter as long as ultra-wide supports dual display mode
  • 3
    Why not both?
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    At least two. Also, one of them in portrait mode for documentation, logs, debugger, linux console.
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    Always more than one over one large one its easier to manage whats taking up real estate
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    I really really love my ultrawide, however I use it with my laptop, so I still have 2 screens on my setup, I think it comes down to trying it out to determine if you like it or not, I got to try it out at an internship before I bought one
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    The standard laptop screen is more than enough for me.
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    Dual portrait
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    I find managing my programs/windows on a multimonitor setup way easier but that's only my opinion
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