Recently got a couple r710's and started dabbling in the world of ESXI and wondered if anyone had any experience here? And if they did wouldn't mind being a mentor/tutor from time to time?

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    @AtuM and I im by setting up a home lab to play with and chose esxi because I've never uses it and learning a new to you tech doesn't hurt. Especially when its used in enterprise. :p
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    @AtuM I currently have questions about data stores. I know they're used to store vm data and iso's and everything else. I've read online online a datastore of 500-750GB should give me 10-15vm's with a 40GB disk or so plus needed software. I have 2 r710's. One with 4 300GB 10k SAS drives in a RAID 0 and the other has 6x2TB 7.2k in a RAID 5. What should/could I do with the remaining space if all i need is 750GB for a data store?

    EDIT. I also have an 8TB WD PR4100 shared using NFS as a datastore as well. So all together I have about 17TB of space
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    @AtuM sorry, meant RAID 50 instead of 5. 1 r710 is a SFF and the other is a LFF
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    Not me, but a friend of mine
    Wonder wether he'd be into mentoring
    Let me know your Discord then, please.
    Im on the DR Discord as well, just gotta log into
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    A *lot* of people have had problems with solid state storage dying on them prematurely.

    Just saying.
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