So I created this really cool messaging program for my CS class in high school. Though when I say for - I mean for the students which were bored when the teacher told us how to "resize images in Word".
I used python and tkinter to create it all, and didn't even need to touch sockets. (Mostly because I didn't know how to use them back then, but also because I kept the messages in a file on the school nas.)
Anyway, the program worked and we used it every week, with me listening to suggestions and improving it each week. I even managed to create a sort of notification system.
But sadly, my teacher found out about it and shut it down.

Have you ever had a similar experience?

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    Why did she shut it down though?
    Sounds pretty damn awesome, must have taken a lot of time and effort.
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    Well done and keep up the good work. And don't care about this thing called school. Teachers there are mostly stupid.
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    @rayanon nop, teachers are mostly quite smart. They just have students viewpoints and agenda than students. Stop gratuitously bash schools.
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    Was it shut down cause it was using school resources?
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    He didn't specify why he shut it down, but probably because some students used it to complain about how boring the lesson was.
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    @TheCoolFrood haha the teacher had to be 'she'!!...
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    I never did, but in highschool one of my friends redirected our schools website to a gay porn site.
    It was live for a few hours, next day the website and our schools network was shut down, for over a week.
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    @nicnaknic Did they change the configuration of the webserver? It seems like you should require a password to do such a thing.
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    @sebh0602 I'm not sure really. I think the school just ran it off a local computer, they forgot to lock the computer, he got into the Sites file system and changed up some of the code. I still don't know exactly what he did and how he got Access
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