My pet peeve is IMs that start wtth hi or GM. Please people. Can you write what you want from me. Why don't you ask about how my dog is doing as well?

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    Hello, how are you doing these days?

    Please do not create topics like this.

    Best regards, avio.
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    Now what, is the dog doing well?
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    I have something worst:
    Random guy: "Are you still there?" 19h00
    Me: "I'm now. What do you need" 19h15
    Random guy: "I need some urgent help in X client" 19h30
    Me: "What is the problem with the X client?" 19h31
    Random guy: "Did you fix the problem?" 9h next day
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    @halfflat EXACTLY
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    The more annoying thing is that the people who do this are always, universally, one finger typists who spend most of the time trying to press backspace, and have no clue what they actually want to ask.

    Like, I legitimately wouldn't care if the actual question came 3 seconds later. But it's always 5 minutes later while Bert tries to formulate his question, while having lunch, while trying to flirt with Sharon, while not being able to type for toffee.

    Then when it does come, it rarely even makes any sense...
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