Did we already have a Weekly Group Rant for how many lines there are in the biggest file in the project you are working on?

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    I generally use Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace as length reference. It helps non-devs understand the sheer scope of the project.

    I also generally don’t include CSS in this unless we’re talking about design complexity.

    Two jobs ago, I was the sole remaining dev, and was responsible for four separate apps; three Rails, one React. Just one of those Rails apps was 2.5x the length of War and Peace. Total it was about 4 - 4.5 War and Peace’s.

    (Yes, I know that War and Peace has several translations of differing lengths; I picked the middle one.)
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    Let's just say, across the 7 projects I need to keep running, 1 being 12+ years old, circa 8 million loc doesn't sound all that bad, and that's excluding the frameworks.

    But god damn do I need a small, clean, project before I loose my sanity.
    I think the smallest one is around 10k of custom code on top of react.

    Why can't things be simple anymore?

    Can these all be refactored, fuck yes, do I have the will power and resources to do it, nope 😅
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    Not my current project but an old one had 16k lines in a single objective-c file:

    One of many huge model classes containing countless properties and methods with business logic, db access and ui representation stuff, all living together in insane, chaotic harmony.
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    Our project has 50k = =
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    Ok, I think I'm lucky then. I was coding in a file with more than 1k lines. I think it's not that bad then; it's just 3% of War and Peace.
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