guide to programing success
step 1: check if you are being productive.
if the answer is false have some coffee
if it is true have some coffee
step 2: repeat

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    That is great news. I have the coffee part covered!
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    I don't even measure coffee intake in cups anymore. I use "streams" now—which are either heavy or light. Today I'll probably have a heavy stream of coffee. Yup, for sure.
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    As part of our business continuity program I have included coffees machines at the recovery sites - to keep the business going and morale up.
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    I almost did a spit-take reading that ^ lol. Modern life is absurd...
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    Yes, and since our past couple of posts you know I went for a cup - I mean stream.
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    Why are there checks... it should be:

    step 1: have coffee
    step 2: repeat
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