How stupid am i?

1. I tried to learn programming language.
- It just so freaking hard for me to understand. Failed at logic.

2. Tried to learn aws.
- Technically know how it works but often forgot the services name. (Was thinking to get aws cert).

3. Tried to learn OpenSource DB.
- Can do up to db setup only. Else i didnt understand sh*t.

4. Tried to learn cybersecurity.
- Ended up bunch of unwanted process in my vm.

I was envy that some of my friend only read documentation once & he is like know what to do.

Guys, any pro tips for poor man here?
I want to code, but somehow i stuck.

I feel dumb...

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    Don't force it. Find something you really enjoy doing instead. Sounds like coding may not be for you.
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    Just take it easy, create some goals. Learn X programming language at X days, or months, or years.
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    Both above are good advice lol
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    don't stress about it. you should enjoy learning because that is a lot of the job. take your time, have fun. you will never master everything, or even one thing in this field because stuff is always changing, so take comfort in that.
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    Failure is a pretty mean word.

    Maybe programming isn't your forte.

    Maybe it is your forte, but the way you approach the topic and try to learn it is wrong.

    Failure would mean that you haven't learned something... Seems like the opposite to me.

    Don't be envious.Try and break stuff. Put perfection in a box and seal it.

    Focus on learning, not on perfection and competition.
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    You’re new at this, it takes time! Maybe you need better material to learn programming. It doesn’t become easy over night
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    I see your problem, and I'm surprised no one has pointed it out.

    You're aiming for the stars before you can even ride a bike, or.... you need to learn to crawl before you can learn to run - same thing applies.

    If I was you, start small, build a tool to rename files, hell it can even be something that just calls a bash / cmd function like:

    # mv origFile.ext newFile.ext

    Yea it's boring, yes it's a pain in the ass to start this small, but then improve that program to do something else on your own and not find some tutorial to copy out of. Then find something else in your daily life you're sick of doing, write a tool to do it for you. It may take you days or weeks to build it, but, with a simple click of a button or calling a .sh file, you just replaced a part of your day.

    From here, your journey will start to write its self, and the continued effort will continue to push you forward to the next task, to your first real project, to you first customer / client, to $$$ in your pocket. Once your at this level, then hone into that star/dream your trying to reach.
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    sounds like you have a future in management or sales and marketing!
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    I echo what @junon, @IntrusionCM and @C0D4.
    It seems that you're getting ahead of yourself on something that isn't natural to you.
    Here's the thing coding/programming don't become second nature overnight (even if you have the knack for it), so don't expect to get the hang of a language/tool/library/framework swiftly when you're new to the field. It takes time.

    Now, CompSci, InfoSec or SoftEng may not be for you and it's not something you'll find out until you invest *at least* a few months in it.

    I don't know you so I can't tell it DataSci, UI/UX Design, Identity Design, Project/Product Management or whatever is better for you so I'll say:
    - stop comparing yourself to others (who may have put the time and practise in the field),
    - trying to be perfect on something you're new at is going to hurt you more than you think (speaking from experience),
    - there's never going to be something you get good at in a matter of days or weeks (even if you practise and learn full-time).
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    I think, you need a real target. Like a small project for yourself, without any menthors and another shit. Just try to start with any time reasons and try to finish it!
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    Felt the same 1 year into my Computer degree.

    Then challenged my self to learn logic and maths instead of diving into coding.

    Once I was a little proficient in those two coding came along a quite well. May not work for you but this is what worked for me.
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    Don't ever feel dumb ... It takes progress...
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