Woke up early, took my mom out for breakfast. It has been more than an hour, we have talked for about 15 minutes the rest of the time she has been on her phone. Was giving smartphones to boomers a mistake? Any boomer devs here that have fallen to the same addiction?

These old people and their damn mobile devices! Get off my lawn!

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    Seems like her education isn't that great
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    @Jilano she is a polite person and excuses herself but still looks like an addiction from my point of view 🤷‍♂️
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    Smartphones given to anybody is a mistake
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    Don't know anybody that isn't affected by this.
    Makes me sad when I am with a friend I haven't seen in a while, want to talk to him and on the first "BING" I loose him to the phone.
    Helped my Aunt with learning Excel and she received a message. She was really annoyed by the stupid picture but couldn't help herself from answering instead of totally ignoring it and continue learning with me.
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    @asgs Without proper education.*
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    What the fuck did we* do when we did’t have smartphones? I can’t remember.

    *we: everyone
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    My dad still uses a flip phone
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