After working for about 3 years of my life I've established the following;

Work is mostly stupid people praising other stupid people about their stupid work, while clever people remain in the shadows. Will this be true for the rest of my career or am I just working at a company with a bad culture?

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    This has been largely true for the places I have worked at.
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    Did you work for different companies? I just started my 5th position within the last 7 years. Finally I am happy about the company, projects and co-workers. And there is always the possibility to run your own business.
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    12+ years here, been through companies large and small, had my own for a while, and I can provide you with more data to support your hypothesis.

    Similarly, the companies where this stuff doesn't happen are also the ones in the shadow.
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    Welcome to the rest of your life
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    @typodeaf: No! There are many wonderfull companies out there, where a culture of mutual respect and benevolence can be found!

    Also: You've worked for 3 years, not even close to a 1/10 of your lives total worktime! Making general assumptions now about the rest pf it is more than premature! Look on the bright side of live!
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