I've recently red a blog post stating 'Google leaves x Million Android devices vulnerable to a new Exploit'
I don't really sympathize with Google, but it's simply the wrong message... It should be more like FUCK VENDORS, WHO WON'T SUPPLY UPDATES TO DEVICES OLDER THAN 1.5 YEARS
Seriously, it's them who make you stuck on outdated OS versions... Just imagine you could only install Windows Vista on your 2014 Lenovo ThinkPad, because it's considered outdated...
FUCK VENDORS (again, just in case)

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    This, all day long. Every damn day. FUCK OEMs. This bullshit is NOT Google's fucking fault.
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    It has improved a bit with Google Play Services... I think it would be best to start splitting Android into packages, and OEMs would just add their own on top (or replace a few of them when there is no other option)
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    Yeah we have to wait for the phone vendor to get around to updating their shit then the carrier getting around to it its terrible tbh there should be automagic updates
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    It's the fundamental problem with how Android is distributed. If I ever get an android, it'll have to be a google manufactured one.

    The manufacturers have no other incentive (besides customer loyalty) to update their old phones, but I imagine it's probably cheaper for them to just make new phones. They figure most people want to upgrade after a year, so why spend all the engineering time required to try and update their phone?
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    @tytho I agree and it's because we dispose of everything that is not current or cool anymore. I also would only consider a Google brand phone if I decide to switch Android.
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    @tytho @iakar even Google drops support for their devices too soon in my opinion... I still use and love my Nexus 5, but if I weren't using CM/lineageOS, I'd be forced to buy a newer one too...
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    @andrebreda that's what I was thinking about... It would be way easier for all parties to have an Android Core with standardized interfaces and the ability to add add or swap everything else as a module.
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    @kb88 google support devices for 3 years and I still get security updates every month. In my opinion no company will do more than this. And I am satisfied.
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