Do you guys have any passive or semi-passive income going ? How much and what is it ?

Looking to build myself a safe situation, any advice is worth taking, cheers.

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    Many many "maintenance contracts" with old clients.
    Things doesn't crash cause you made it good and robust ? Perfect
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    Try paid sex. You'll be jerking off anyways.
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    my passive income: state support :^)
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    A stock portfolio that is monetized through short call options.
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    @Lyniven Just curious: how much do you charge for manteinance? And what parameters do you use to compute that?
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    I have stonks
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    I get 10 cents interest each year. Does that count?
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    @Ten91 it is very very variable, can't really give you a number like that, depends on the project, what I did, the company, etc.
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    @Lyniven yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to ask for a specific number; I'm actually more interested in the procedure used to get one, and how does it usually work out (you get paid yearly? how is 'manteinance' defined - just bug fixing? so in case of a feature request you charge as if it was a new contract? etc).
    I might get some work with local businesses soon, and I'm still very naive about this sort of deals... getting some passive income for availability sounds great, but seems like a slippery slope when actually defining the terms
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    @Ten91 let's an example, I make a project. In the contract they continue to pay me monthly or yearly so they can call me if something I did break.
    Make your code super robust and most of the time, it's straight up gain
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    I don’t think this is the right group, but try the financial independence sub Reddit and the Dividend Growth Investing Facebook group. (I recommend that one bc they look at stocks that will pay you and go up in value)
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    Thank you @jeeper, going to try that
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