Variable naming at its best...
Took only 2 hours to notice the difference between leftToRight and lefttoRight

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    "if lefttoright" then in the comment "from right to left" Who the hell wrote that code?
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    @DeepSpace someone of the nob head variety
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    Looks like something that a compiler should easily be able to identify. :p
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    Not sure if you noticed but we're talking 4 variables here:

    xOrY, xORY, leftToRight, lefttoRight ... Training my Sherlock Skills
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    My eyes, they burn!
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    The road to hell is paved with similarly named variables
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    I had issues capitalizing what I should in camel case after a semester of using Ruby
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    @DeepSpace Satan himself, of course.
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    I have 2 questions:
    1.) What programming language is this?
    2.) Couldn't you have put...
    xOry = True;
    ...in the last line, since xORy has to be true, because of the first if statement?
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    This is like Vogon poetry in code, where your stomach starts to creep upwards to strangle your brain as you try to grasp the abysmal logic.
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    @sebh0602 that's the point... it's not the same variable ;)
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