Can't stand it when you excitedly mention the Mars rover (or anything space related) to someone and they say "Yeah but what's the point you could be feeding the poor or sorting out the environment with that money instead"

...yeah, you could. Or you could be doing that with money from the army instead. Or football. Or any other popular sport. Or yaknow, you could personally be doing that rather than spending all your salary on crappy clothes you're going to throw away in a few months anyway.

And that's not even mentioning the jobs it creates, the people it inspires to go into science + tech fields, the scientific advances it makes for humanity, etc. If you're that against scientific advancement then please, by all means surrender your possessions and just go live in a cave somewhere.

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    I never heard someone saying that when talking about space exploration, how fucking dumb is that response even
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    @nitwhiz it is but I have witnessed it online too, its usually from people who do not see the value in such ventures/science/research
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    trying to terraform Mars IT IS an attempt to solve an environment problem actually...
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    @willcandy I guess you know you've stuffed up your first planet, when you give up and seek terraforming another.
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    I'd rather have the government spend the money on science since that gives us better tech, better jobs, better life. Part of the internet is thanks to CERN, which people also complain about recklessly wasting money that could be given to poor people. Other projects like armies and walls are short-term job boosters but the knowledge of science is eternal.

    and I agree with Niel de Grass Tyson that it'd be much much easier to just take care of this Earth
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    We should worry about dying of dysentery instead of wasting money on silly things like exploring unknown lands. What even is the point of that? You whippersnappers just like to play at being adventurers!
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