I am currently typing this on my windows machine using the workman keymap (I love it).
I am mostly writing in german (still a student) and therefore need the characters "äöüß" quite often.
There comes AutoHotKey into play where I can set e.g. alt+a to ä. works like a charm.

Now I would really love to switch to linux (in fact I have already done so) but as I could not find a suitable alternative to AHK I am stuck without äöüß. Writing is such a pain, My poor professors that have to read the texts I produce on my Linux machine

gotta love it

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    Look for a hardware programmable keyboard - this way you won't be dependent on the OS - you can plug it into a toaster and still type like you're used to.
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    That weird B, I don't know but I thought that all keyboards had ¨ somewhere.

    I have a portuguese keyboard and we don't use ¨ for nothing and we still have it in the with alt gr + "+" key
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    That weird "B" is, a directly translated, "sharp s". I don't think english even has that sounds. It's just a special s for words that have a middle long s sound. The longest is a single s, then then ß, and the fastest is double ss.

    German us a weird language once you think about it.
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    @kamen thanks for the hint. I also thought about going into the keyboard file, but it's very messy in there.
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    @notThere It is, but look at it this way: a good keyboard can easily outlast 2-3 major PC upgrades without going obsolete.
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    How about the "international layout with alt" for special letters (eg. Alt + q =ä, alt + p = ö, alt + b = ß , alt + n = ñ, so long)? Works for me.
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