I posted a long-winded Twitter thread describing the experience I have in software development and advertising that I’m looking for a job. It felt awkward as hell to do, but yolo. I’ve had a few people reach out as a result; here’s hoping something works out. Hilariously, absolutely forgot to talk about databases. 😅


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    Good luck! Advertising yourself feels like crap but it's pretty much necessary.

    Since I'm not an employer, the thing that stands out to me is the Psych and Anthropology majors. Wouldn't mind a conversation or two about some stuff along those lines, if you're interested. I've been looking for stuff related to early human civilizations for a personal project.
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    @RememberMe Always up for a chat, friend.
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    Wanted to switch job, applied for a bunch of positions at different companies. Never got called in for interview or initial assessment. This went on for 3 months.

    They day i signed my renewed contract and left the office. Got a call from a reputable company, for urgent hiring. In the coming 2 weeks. i got 9 more interview calls from different companies and one company called me twice.

    Like WTF, where were you when i needed you.

    It's like HR Department have a secret society or something where they won't even notice your CV untill you are no longer available for employment.
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    @TRex I tell myself that it’s just observer bias and that it’s just that you check your messages ALL THE TIME when looking for a gig and don’t actually appreciate the frequency of reach-outs whereas when you HAVE a gig, you only sign in when you get a message.
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