Today's reality.

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    Always has been like that
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    Looking at these memes I kinda wish we made it way harder to perform IO. Reversing a motherfucking linked list isn't a challenge and if you can't figure it out on the spot you might want to study a bit more.
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    @homo-lorens I disagree for Python. For C++, Java etc, then fine. But Python has become the language for non-programmers, so we gotta keep it as simple as possible for more people to learn. Don't try to do anything too important with Python, tho.
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    @homo-lorens most people cant write quicksort.

    but then most people dont need to.

    curiosity is a quality that is rarely tested for.
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    @Wisecrack Quicksort is an order of magnitude more complex than reversing a linked list. It's bare minimum if you work with algorithms but has little use if you work with a language that provides readymade sorting algos and you don't have a lot of elements or very tight constraints.
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    @homo-lorens this is the sort of answer that should be looked for when hiring.
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