My girlfriend always wanted to have kids while I don't want any, when she does eventually talk about having kids I'll make her this deal "I'll give you a kid if you can close this vim window with out googling how to do it"
It's fail proof

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    Careful she doesn't just unplug your machine
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    Just get her a dog or something...
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    Trouble is women want kids in there 20's to 30's, biologically and hormonally, whereas men want to get to some meaningful life point before having kids, and this can take forever. Thats why 'we planned it" is always a fucking lie.😀
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    But what if she knows how?
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    I'd say having a kid is a lot like using Vim. It seems hard and cumbersome in the beginning, but it pays off later when you realize that it grows on you and also makes you work faster and more focused on your side projects!
    Also, putting one to sleep is almost as hard as quitting Vim without googling...
    You should consider trying it! There are tutorials all over Internet.
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    Mine been running for a while now. Coz I Can't figure how to exit 🙂
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    At least you have a girlfriend :D
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    killall -9 vim
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