It's my 2nd week into my new job. I asked people what they think they are doing.

The summary:

Senior dev: we fix bugs
Junior dev: we write code
Intern: we create the future

It depends how you look at it. They are all called software engineer or developer.

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    Dunning-Kruger effect practically.
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    That would be a good intern for the marketing department XD
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    What did managers say?
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    @asgs I didn't get to see him personally. Will update once I have the chance.
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    Tbh it's also a bit like that in my company too.

    Interns do the long-term non-urgent stuff cause they're slow.

    And by debugging I think you mean those obscure bugs that need a deeper understanding of all systems and how tools interact with each other. That's done by the seniors, especially if the bug leaked to production.

    Which leaves the main course to junior devs
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    @asgs in my case, the manager so happens to be the senior engineer: me.

    I concur with the above statement: we fix bugs. Sometimes the legacy code is so immense that it gives little room for actually reimplementing new things and this in itself generates a lot of pain.

    Every time my guys open up a project that was not authored by me (and thus did not had work from them upon my approval) we have this thing in which we just yell "penis" or "the HORROR!" every five or 10 minutes.
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    Heh, this just tells me that the more senior you go, the less you believe the marketing / HR crap and the more you understand what your job is really about.
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    Didn't realize but so true... I'm senior and most of my time is spent fixing other ppls bugs....
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