I get so tired of people hating on PHP, Javascript and promoting Python or C#/Java.

Python is basically Perl with slightly different syntax plus has py2/py3 issues. And suffers from pip like js does from npm.

Java/C# started as application languages, while PHP started in web servers (again from Perl but at least it now has full object support). So comparing apples and oranges is one thing.

Another one is that people don't seem to know much about PHP / js (and tbh not even about the languages they are promoting) when they try to hate. That just comes off as lazy and borderline idiotic. Don't be that guy.

If you have had a bad experience, maybe you need to open the documentation instead of copying code from stack overflow.
Again, lazy and unprofessional.

Devs are supposed to be able to find the most efficient solution, that takes as little code as possible, not as little time from them when they arent familiar with the subject.

Damn Im angry right now, this rant really worked me up! :D

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    I worked with PHP exclusively for 2 years. I'm good at it. I earned my hate.
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    I would also argue that Python is incredibly different from Perl, and would guess that anyone else who knows both languages agrees. Your own ignorance is showing a bit there...
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    @Zaphod65 ok please educate me about them then
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    @g-m-f yeah in theory, but in practice the web part was designed to be like an application over the http protocol. So not exactly purposed for web
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    @Zaphod65 because seriously, modules work exactly the same in both languages. Methods require you to use 'self' in arguments and documentation tells you to never change it. 'Objects', which really pains me to calls them that, only support variables, that can also be callable. But that's it.

    Are there differences? Of course. Thank god that python uses methods for everything and does not support superglobal variables that alter internal workings of functions. But ffs it is a language designed to replace Perl in system development and apart from syntax and already mentioned things, it is the same baseline.

    And for the love of god, you worked with PHP for two years and think you've earned right to hate? No. You can hate it when you understand it, not spend time with it.
    I disliked javascript for 10 years but realized at all times that I am trying use the language in ways it was not meant to be used. I knew that I understand roughly about 60% of its internals, which is not enough for hate
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    I used to call it hate on JS, but it was childish, because I was forcing my knowledge and approaches from different environments on something that had its own way that I refused to learn for over a decade. That is being an ignorant.

    So no, you never really have the right to hate anything, since it usually means you don't get it. You may dislike it, that is fine, but hating is juvenile and unprofessional.

    Judging from your reactions it seems that I triggered you a bit, for which I apologize, it was not my intention. But you sort of shown what I was talking about in the main rant and upvotes show that there are many people like that
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