My team and I worked superrrrr hard for a client and help her build online presence, make graphic designs, motion graphics, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, digitalmarketing. After two weeks, she announced she is shutting her business down. All that hard work was for nothing.

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    As long as you get paid? Who cares.
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    @petergriffin I guess, those who need recognition and appreciation for their work LOL
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    @hmangukia I don’t need that. I know I’m the best.
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    Existing or not, still goes into your portfolio doesn't it?
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    @canyouwait she took down the website so :(
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    It's a shame and never a nice feeling - but it happens. At 2 weeks work I'd call that a win - I've worked on projects for months before, we'd done great work, then the thing was cancelled. Others I know have worked on something for 3 *years* before it was trashed.

    Important thing is your experience still counts at the end of the day - whether people can see it or not, it still goes on your CV.
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    At least you know you did your part, and even though it was hard work I’m sure you would’ve enjoyed it (mostly anyway).

    First ever project I worked on lasted 6 months and then when we delivered it to the client they were taken over by a bigger company who had their own version of the system already.
    Thankfully we got paid and didn’t have to deal with any support & maintenance.
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