Recently saw a rant here asking how bad it would if SO went out for a while, with most replies saying it would be good, and asking people to read documentation instead.

Well i tried to prepare myself for that and tried to read the selenium documentation for getting the html of a page. After 30 mins couldnt find it. A google search returned a SO answer which i didnt have to click on coz it had it in the first line.. How difficult is it to provide documentation functionwise/attributewise instead of long tutorials when i click on Documentation.? C++ libs and major python libs do it so good.

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    45 seconds to read this, notice Python, and grab the docs.




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    I used to hate C++ docs because they werent explained correctly to me initially as an undergrad student, but now that i have experience i can read them and i understand how good they are now. Java docs are pretty good too.

    I remember trying to read Perl's docs and they come across like Frankenstein docs, but I haven't read them in a while.
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    @C0D4 i dont know whether you read my rant at all. Maybe 45s wasnt enough. I didnt say selenium didnt have docs.. I said my problem didnt have a solution in the docs, and it was a very basic one at that..

    Fyi, i actually went through both of them.. and both of them seem to concern itself with features that i was going to do with beautiful soup. But the only thing i needed to init beautifulsoup was the html, which was nowhere to be seen.
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    @C0D4 To make things worse Beautiful soup also has an awful documentation. It has an elongated tutorial in the name of documentation. No clear attribute instructions , return values etc. Just a very long text about how they think the API could be used.
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    @arcsector The first thing i noticed when i was learning STL, was how easy the STL docs was to follow. It helped that i understood what the STLs did, just that i didnt know the exact function which did what.. Recently noticed the python docs which was awesome too.

    I worked with java for a day or 2.. but found it kinda irritating tho.
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    I personally love the .net docs, and the fact that it is "integrated" in the IDE by pressing F1 (VS and Rider)
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