I know, many devs swear on using *NIX based OSes or macOS but really... Windows 10 is very good, never had a single issue or BSOD. If u have issues regarding update reboots then just disable automatic reboots,damn! One single " fuck Windows, killed my workflow cause of updates. Installing Linux know cause I'm too dumb to change a simple setting." >_> and I can play ALL my games... NATIVE!

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    1) macOS is *nix based so idk why you listed it separately
    2) idk man I can play every game I own natively on macOS I don't even use my Windows 10 VM for anything
    3) Also automatic updates aren't the only reason a lot of people switch away from Windows (I know for me one of my irritations was that Windows seemed to constantly require 3-4 GB of RAM uselessly)
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    1) Nethack is the only game you need.
    2) Nethack is the only game you need.
    2) You should keep your OS up to date.
    3) an OS shouldn't need to reboot to install minor updates and if it needs to reboot it should be able to do so quickly after the updates have been installed (not be totally unusable for minutes while the updates are installing)
    4) Even without automatic reboots it will still spend ages installing the updates on the next boot and/or shutdown (Not a productive way to spend your time even if you sort of can control when it happens).
    5) Linux based operating systems are a heck of a lot easier to work with (Apple can go die in a fire, the OS X CLI just plain sucks, Win10 with the Ubuntu shell is much nicer to work with despite the stability issues)
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    @ItsNotMyFault wha
    Why do you say that macOS terminal sucks? It's very nearly the exact same thing as the Linux terminal....
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    @AngryDev macOS is BSD-based.
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    @zantekk The open group lists macOS as Unix certified soo idk

    Edit: Here's a better link listing all Unix registered products:
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    I still use Windows 7 for dev work. Still needs to reboot for updates, but I can schedule them to download and apply early in the morning. Plus, I can test updates before actually applying them. Can't really do that on 10.
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    @AngryDev yes, UNIX certified but BSD based :)
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    Hello, just a (my) personal opinion!
    At first, Windows 10 IS not very good, in YOUR opinion it is. That said, the same goes for Linux and OS X, they ARE not good, some peoples FIND them good.

    The main reason I switched to Linux was because of the ***th BSOD (I am very careful with my systems) in front of a fucking team of peoples showing off a thing I made. Yes, I got a bad grade (study, not work stuffs).

    Except for that, I expect an OS to work the way I want it to work, including the fact that I can alter it to however I want. I truly think that Windows 7 is the greatest Windows OS ever made, though. Next, the fact that Windows 10 calls home around 2800 or so times a day even with privacy settings on. It's my fucking computer, don't you fucking collect data from my computing life.

    This does NOT say that windows IS bad. It says that I FIND it bad. If you like it, use it!
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    @zantekk Okay fair enough, but for all practical purposes it might as well be Unix :p
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    1)mac os x is a unix, not a unix-like, it's a certified actual unix, based on nextstep and freebsd user land
    2) mac os x cli is just bash, on my mac i use zsh with the same setting as my freebsd and archlinux installs, and zsh works fine on cygwin on windows 7
    3) windows 10 is a fucking joke, I'm sticking to 7 untill Microsoft sorts their shit
    4) my steam account has 900 so games windows, and 400 or so works on both mac and linux, couldn't/didn't bother to try on freebsd since it'll use a linux wrapper anyway
    5) most programming languages are easier to handle on a *nix, libraries are easier to install, the console shells are far more powerful (Microsoft admits this indirectly by supporting bash from linux in win10)
    6) fuck fanboyism, i use any system depending on what I'm trying to achieve with it
    7) .... potato
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