Now I don't know what to do with it!

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    Domain: updateyourfuckingbrowser.com
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    I want to believe this is a joke, yet I fear it isn't
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    @flyingbangtan I remember thinking about the domain a couple of days ago and today while searching my account, it appears that I actually did buy it.
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    Well, look at the bright side: now you have the oportunity to make a passive-agressive website matching the domain!
    Also I am going to laugh at this for twelve years and a half probably
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    @flyingbangtan suppose I should work on something! Haha
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    Make a website that auto-detects your browser version and all your out-of-date plugins and passive-aggressively offers to update them for you.
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    With memes and diffrent levels of punishment.
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    It has "trump" in it? Could worth a lot 😂
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    @sylar that gave me an idea:

    Make the internet great again!
    Ban IE!
    We will build a wall to keep IE out!
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    @uziiuzair Shit we will 😂😂😂😂
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    If it detects IE redirect to the chrome download page
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    Hehe... That's so definitely getting bookmarked for future reference. (:
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    Next morning you could realize that you passed the night coding your brand new website
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    @herdani guess we'll find out in a few days ;)
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    @sylar give it a try. you got massive traffic. 😅
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    @kaiyum2012 I also thought about ban anything that is a threat to open source. 😂
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    Your comments have fueled me enough for me to be excited to make this!
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    @sylar lets ban it ! we are in support 😉😅😂
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    Haha, almost did this too last week! I was cheap and awake enough to just close the browser. Still getting mails like: you sure you don't want this domain?
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    Create another JavaScript library <Your Domain>.js
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    You could make a Passive-Aggressive-Progressive-Web-Application (Also often referred to as PAPWAs)
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