QA: When I open the app I get this strange error message that includes "No data connection could be established" near the start of it.

Me: I'll clean up how thats displayed, but the error means your phone doesn't have internet connection.

QA: No that can't be it, I do.

Me: You screenshot shows no WiFi or 3g / 4g symbols.

QA: No those are never there, please investigate.

Me: I have investigated and found that every other one of your screenshots had a WiFi or a 3g symbol. Example: <link>. Please check your connection and try again, i'll clean up the error display.

PM: Oh i've had an issue something like this before. We really need to show users an error screen. We can't just leave them on this screen with no error message at all.

Me: ... we have an error, thats what QA is complaining about, its not loading the text and displaying the error object.

Anyone else want to not pay attention and complain about something else that doesn't make sense? ... no? ... ok good, back to work then

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    to be fair, adding a hint where to check might add user friendlyness. not everybody undestands your nerdy tech-yackety-yak 'No DaTa-CoNnEcTiOn'

    no one wants to hear about problems, they just want solutions. even if it's annoying af from their side or at least an unfortunate description, consider it an issue contributing to ux.
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    You've run out of internetz. Pay moneys to Apple/Google to have more internetz and try again.
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    @erroronline1 are you my project manager? because you didn't read the above. I said twice the content of the error displayed was incorrect and would fix it.

    But complaints that:

    a) The message is wrong because they have internet connection
    b) That no error was displayed at all

    Are both wrong and make no sense
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    @practiseSafeHex yeah i somewhat got that. and absolutely understand the case of 'it doesn't work, i don't like that' without meaningful suggestion and instead a large amount of 'idgaf about tiny-whiney icons and neccessary system requirements' like internet connection.
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    Perfect user impersonation - i loled.
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    @Oktokolo at least one accomplishment today 🎉
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    @devjesus how did he download the internet speed meter app at 14Kbps?
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