[SO] Can you unload the dishwasher?
[Me] Of course.

*5 hours later*

[SO] Why is the dishwasher still not done ?
[Me] Why would it be ?
[SO] I asked you to unload it ....
[Me] No, you asked if I CAN do it, and I am able to do it, you didn't ask me to actually do it.
[SO thinking] God, why did I marry a fucking programmer.....

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    She didn't marry a programmer, she married a pedantic asswipe
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    @CorruptComputer significant other.
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    [SO] stack overflow what? ;)
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    @thmnmlst Yes it's a real story, but I added a funny ending just so it's rantable. I usually just answer "Yes I can". Then followed by something like "I can, you know that, you should actually ask me to do it". Always meant as a joke, with a smile and everybody I do this with laughs when I do it.
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    @thecritic I've been hearing that joke my whole life. The pedantic "yes I can, but don't you mean will I?" bullshit is the only joke that really really got old for me. It was like the official pastime of my hometown.
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    @iam13islucky I don't do it all the time, just occasionally but I think this never gets old. I always crack up myself.
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    It's like at our place.
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    Stack overflow talks to you?
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    @Memeamphetamine It'd even be fun with Stackoverflow in a weird sense and a lot of imagination, but SO = "Significant Other", i.e. girl- or boyfriend/wife/husband
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    Choose your words wisely.
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    This isn't even something a programmer would notably do. I applaud @iam13islucky answer
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    SO: Honey go to the store for me. Buy a gallon of milk and if they have eggs buy 8.
    Programmer: Okay.
    2 hours later
    SO: Why did you buy 8 gallons of milk?
    Programmer: They had eggs.
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