It always blows my mind how a silly idea / hunch tries settling down in your head very close to your regular bedtime and before you realise you can hear the birds chirping and sunshine hitting your window pane.

It’s unhealthy and should not be encouraged whatsoever.

But I guess this is the sort of involvement and craziness that separates us from rest of the professional world.

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    Which is why I keep pen and paper by my bed to write down any such idea.

    I find that once I have committed it to paper its easier to let it go knowing that I can go back to it in the morning.

    Most often the idea seams less revolutionary in the light of day and a wake mind ;)
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    @Voxera I can totally second that! It’s not even 12 hours and I have no credibility for whatever I did the whole night! 🙃 FML!
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