If anyone knows how to bypass Cloudfare protection, let me aware ! :)
I don't know if that is possible, i need it because a website API block my bot mmmh...

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    Don't be a bot
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    🤷‍♂️ That's the point?
    Don't do stupid stuff with bots?
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    What about asking the website owner, if your bot can be granted access?
    But otherwise: There are ways, depending how the site is configured. But why should we tell you?
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    Your reactions are realy hilarious.
    Without a context, you can't trashtalk on me for bypassing a bot protection.
    I was just looking to make a bot on a brand new social network that has no official public APIs to relay news informations.
    According to your reactions, it seems that you prefer me to get some employee with insane work hours to simply send a message whenever a news comes out.
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    I greatly appreciate the ones that asked me why instead of being disrespectful.
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