HR people on LinkedIn. What the fuck? Do you seriously believe you can attract qualified developers by telling them you’re looking for ninjas, jedis or life savers? I for one am still fairly new to the job so I don’t consider myself to be by any means a coding wizard, and I don’t think any strong senior developer is gonna be seduced by your catchy terminology (I may be wrong about that). Come on, talk to us like any recruiter would in any other line of business. No need to replace the words "qualified" or "experienced" with your stupid magic words, unless you want to sound like you’re desperate

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    The whole Hiring People Industrial Complex is absolutely full of it's own terminology and operates in another dimension disconnected from reality.

    It helps that they can do whatever and there's no real metrics or methods for evaluating if they did a good job or not.
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    Maybe they are actually looking for ninjas. Has anyone every replied to these ads?

    You turn up prepared to talk through your GitHub, but they aren’t interested and ask you to disarm five knife-wielding thugs.
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    Sounds about right:

    Here are your weapons.

    Please enter the interviewing chamber.


    Survive... and you've got the job.

    Interview day is a big day at the office, everyone shows up for that day!
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    You’re hired.

    Sure beats Google’s wankfest of estimating how many turds pass through Tokyo’s sewers in a week.

    Amazing how shit becomes a mantra just because a company is successful for unrelated reasons.
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    As for LinkedIn...it’s the very definition of a circle-jerk.
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    @platypus @N00bPancakes
    I just turn down these type of offers but yeah maybe next time I’ll accept the interview and show up with nun chucks and a mask (well I guess I’d have to mask up either way 😷)
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    @black-kite recruiters are the very definition of fifth wheels. They come out with this wank to convince people, mostly themselves, that they deserve to live.
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