It's such a weird thing to require a friggin macbook to compile and push applications onto an iphone. Even more strange is that you need a developer license, which in itself costs 99USD.

I understand that it kinda is more secure, but i don't even mean to push an app onto the store, i just want to test stuff.

Currently trying to set up a macOS VM on my work laptop that inturn will connect to the iphone over iTunes (?). Hopefully that'll work out somehow.

My goal is to get an AR Kit application from Unity3D working on that device to test out if everything works, and then go from that. But even Unity only just generates an XCode Project, which inturn needs to be submitted to XCode, which then inturn will be compiled etc.

I don't get it.

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    whats not to get? they want to push you into an ecosystem so you keep purchasing overpriced equipment.
    their marketing is one of the reasons i hate apple
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    @bad-frog i guess because i first thought, they only apply anti-consumer policies. That's when i realized, that app developers also are nothing more than consumers in their eyes.
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    @thebiochemic absolutely.
    now i wouldnt have a problem with that if they provided a product tailored for the needs of developpers...
    there is a market for great machines.
    not overpriced ones.
    i was hyped about the m2, but from i heard its a nothingburger.
    and then theres gpu power. and they dont have much to offer in terms of affordable desktops.
    somewhat ironic when you think they participated in making openCL
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    @bad-frog it's not that i don't care about practices that screw over customers, i just never really thought about apple in the first place. Because of that i also didn't care what they do with them. In the end they're paying anyway.
    In this case though it's a job, where you kinda don't care about it, but just want to finish your task. But even in this exact case they know how to throw a stick in there to trip over.

    I really don't regret not giving a moist damn about apple until now tbh.
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    @thebiochemic there was an Unity plugin that allows you to build iOS games within Unity (Windows or Linux), take a look around in the Marketplace

    *You'll still need an OSX to get the keychain for the plugin to work, but that's just one time use compared to re building the game again on xCode, specially in a VM
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    @DarKneT that might be an idea. The Problem might already be with that OSX thing. Since the company i work for doesn't own any macOS devices at all (since we usually do SAP stuff and the unity project was basically a unique Project for some client)

    I had success to run a VM with macOS 11 Big Sur, but couldn't login with my apple ID, because it was only a dev version. And per my understanding, we need a System, where i atleast can login with it then..

    I also found the plugin you mentioned, it's called "iOS Builder", looks useful in general, since you wouldn't need to switch between devices, when building for iOS
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    As a recap:

    My company managed to get me some refurbished macbook, to work with that stuff now. And they will keep the device in their device pool if needed later. It doesn't change my opinion on that topic, i just wanted to give you an update.
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