I am afraid to search anything on google without private mode. Once I used to search universities on normal browsing. But once I started to find lots of universities ads on my browsing, I was afraid. Now I am using incognito mode since year. But I am afraid how secure our private browsing is because our browsing activities is still visible to ISPs. Fwak this world.

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    In that case use a VPN.
    Or even better Tor. In the Tor-Network you dont have to trust anyone, thats the idea there.
    Also use DuckDuckGo instead of Google
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    @gsdt thanks. Gonna try that.
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    Also, a huge number of VPNs companies actually funnel traffic to China. China's laws say they can, and will monitor, your traffic. So research your VPN choices and make sure they are not doing this.
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    Also make sure to have full-blown uBlock Origin lists to block trackers. Even here on devRant, that shit is present. I see blocked access to carbonads.com, connect.facebook.net, fonts.googleapis.com, and google-analytics.com.

    Next, devrant.com is leaking referrers to other websites to that these websites automatically know not only your IP for tracking, but also which website you were on (here: devrant.com). That is, if you don't block the access in the first place.

    And I'm googling with startpage.com, not Google.
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    i stopped using google altogether. duckduckgo does it's job very well. there is a shortcut for it aswell:

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    @thebiochemic thanks. I am going to try.
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    Incognito does literally nothing against trackers.
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    @iiii Yap, it will only delete local Files saved in your browser (History, Cookies,...)
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    Maybe try duckduck go and they do have an awesome mobile app too
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