LINUX. I'm sure everyone heard this term. But I still don't know why do people want to give up their life and try this piece of crap. I know many of you might be offended, but, to hell with that. When I heard about the Linux, and everyone was praising it about it, I thought that I should give it a try. So, I installed Ubuntu (obviously, because I was a beginner) and the installation failed. I thought that I've made some mistake. Tried again, FAILED. So, I waited for next version. After downloading and trying to installing it, Voila. I installed it. Then comes the part when I actually started using it, for as simple as watching a video. I didn't play. It gave an error of some codec was missing. I installed the codec and then I payed the video successfully. Then, I want to install the Oracle Java Development Kit, and literally it was a pain to install. It took me half an hour to install and configure it. Then after using it for a couple of days, I found that my WiFi was acting weird. I booted up my Windows just to check it and it worked perfectly on windows. Then why the heck was it not working on Ubuntu. Don't know. On searching about it, I found that my WiFi adapter's driver was having some issues. Then after using it for more days, something very weird happens, the Ubuntu booted but with terminal only. No GUI, No Unity, nothing. I against searched for it, found some commands, ran it and it started normally. So, the point that I'm trying to make is that even for simple and basic tasks, I always have to search about it every time to get it working. I mean if their are so many steps to be taken for every simple task then why people keep on recommending it. With the Linux installed, I was very much distracted from my primary work. Instead of doing my work I was searching for installing JDK. I mean wtf. In Mac or Windows its as simple as downloading the file, installing it and you're done. But in Linux I don't know. And the whole Linux community thinks that Windows sucks. I mean on windows I was more relaxed and more focused on my work. Whenever we search for the Linux, many people say that Android is a Linux. I get it, but in Android, many developers have worked very hard to make it as what it is nowadays. But what about Ubuntu, Fedora or any other distribution. I haven't seen any distribution which makes me feel that I wanna use it again. None of them. So, Linux is not a great OS according to my experience

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    Now you see how much work M$ does for you. #Linuxmasterrace
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    It's about pros and cons

    In linux you have to figure yourself how to solve basic problems


    i have the control and the power. For example i can decide when to update the OS
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    @dikiaap just because they use Windows doesn't make them a bad developer. Grow the hell up :p
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    @ScribeOfGoD he never said that he/she is bad ;)
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    You are forgetting that it is a reliable, stable, safe and cheap OS, particularly when developing server-side applications.

    I would take the searching for commands, any time over paying and messing with windows server configs.

    Also the main power of it comes from those commands. They are the building blocks for automating other tasks required for maintanace and development of your application.
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    I could write pages, but let's keep it short : your experience is an incredibly unlucky one. I've never heard about that.
    All Ubuntu/Mint installs I've done have been : burn USB => boot on it => partition HDD to separate /home => install.

    And it just works. I don't have to remove the dozen bloatwares, deactivate tracking of my data, install antivirus. Installing software is a joke on Windows, getting the jdk is more than easy with Linux.

    Each time I boot into Windows I'm thinking "is this OS a joke?". Data tracking? Not independent windows manager? Toy task manager? Toy console? Obscure system architecture ? Admin that can't do what he wants? Thousands other things...

    Windows owns your computer, not you.
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    Well obviously you don't like Linux and carriage return....
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    Rough seas make stronger sailors, tough time builds greater people.
    -some person
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    sudo apt install openjdk-7-jdk
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    That's true. Linux indeed does solve some of these trivial problems but in my case it was like, that I solved one problem but broke many other basic things. Windows do suck at updating but I found Ubuntu to be very unstable in my daily task. @samxxx @snakebyte
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    Yeah. I'm thinking of it. @killermenpl
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