Why do people insist on moving stuff on my desk!

I've very particular about my desk, have my monitors, laptop stand, stands for devices etc. setup the way I like them, and every so often someone sits at my desk when i'm not in and just shoves everything around.

Last company I worked for, I came back from holidays to a thunderbolt cable, the connector of which, had been crushed under the wheel of a chair, because someone left it on the floor.

... Is it wrong or not "proper", to send around an email saying the next person to touch my stuff gets stabbed?

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    @Letmecode or maybe lucille from the walking dead?

    Next time my desk has been fucked up, I can stand up and say: "Ok, looks like its time for batting practice"
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    But how would you know who to stab? Unless you stabbed someone nearby as a warning to others. That might work.
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    @helloworld good point. HR in my place are ridiculous, they'll find some way to make an issue out of me stabbing random people.

    Will have to install a web cam or something.
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    @g-m-f Hhhmm, I like it.

    Stay tuned for updates folks.
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    Hhhmmm, did you guys know that stabbing someone is a crime?

    Had no idea. Thought it was just self defence in the name of my desk.

    Might be my last devRant for 3 - 6 :-(
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    Do you work in an office with small children? Because it sounds like you work in an office with small children.
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    @g-m-f OP should stab himself then. That also counts as 'wrong person'.
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    People keep doing that with my fucking chair height....
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    *messes with chair height and crushes cords* hehehe
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