When I was 15 or 16 I started in school with an Arduino and some sensors where my group was tasked to build a "self driving car" that could avoid obstacles. After we were finished with that I did a project based on this car on my own because I really liked the software part and this type of analytical thinking.

A couple of months later I got a programming book for christmas "C++ for dummies". This was the turning point. I learned how computers work on a pretty low level for a beginner which was not very motivating at times but there was no going back from this point on.

I think another important turning point was when I learned Git. It was the first time that I encountered code from different sources and opened my eyes to the idea of open source which was which was pretty intense.

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    This is an image of this cutting edge technology I started with
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    Huh, had the Same thing in my Gesamtschule.
    These things are great.
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    @Ranchonyx ikr, they're awesome! The german Bildungsplan did something cool there
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    @domfoo for once, yeh
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    I'm new to this, but I've heard a lot about Arduino too. Tell me, do you know anything about their current activities? Are they currently recruiting for study? Thank you!
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    @LolaWilliams first of all welcome to devRant. I'm sorry, I know nothing about that. Maybe you want to check their website for more information
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