Garuda or RebornOS?

Or any other arch based and pretty alternatives?

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    -- repost

    Oh wait, that doesn't count does it 😆
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    @C0D4 😒

    Need to replace windows on an ancient laptop for mom. I'm taking a risk as is. 😛
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    Any reason why arch based? Mint has been the best "it just works, no tech knowledge required" distro for me when I had to get a nontech person to use Linux. You eventually almost have to tech support arch based stuff because something goes wrong in an update.

    (But I would go for a Manjaro flavour if you really want arch based)
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    If you’re looking for arch-based, Manjaro is the way to go. It’s got all the benefits of arch, but with a simple installer and no wifi issues.

    Plus, I’ve been using it for 6 months now and I’m yet to have a connectivity issue with any device, Bluetooth or otherwise. Even fucking printers work
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    @RememberMe I ended up opting for manjaro. She's a dev herself, just a bit picky with OS. (usually goes for windows purely cuz of familiarity)
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    Another vote for Manjaro
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