Is it the manager's responsibility or the employer's responsibility to find work? I'm an employee in limbo space. I'm fine spending time to learn things, but feel kinda guilty not picking up stories

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    Are you supposed to take work from a pool/backlog or sth?
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    When I run out of work, I first ask my direct peers whether anyone has something to offload, then my PM, and finally my boss.
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    @aviophile My team finished a project, team got disbanded and I haven't been reassigned yet.
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    @rolexpo play games then
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    Someone once gave me great advice: Never say you have nothing to work on. Tell them you are writing tests, refactoring code, learning skills needed for x, y or z. And let them know if there is a higher priority you’d like to take it on.

    If you’re doing agile, your scrum masters role is to remove blockers, and they should be able to find you stuff from the backlog, or the product owner.

    If you tell people you have nothing to work on it can really reflect badly on you professionally. If you actually spend time doing nothing that could be really bad
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    It all depends on the company and organization

    But it almost always pays to be proactive, in your case where you are awaiting new team you could make sure to ask for update or if the know what area so you can spend the time studying in the right area.

    If its any good company they know you constantly need to renew your knowledge.
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    I did not experience a single day in IT where i did not had enough work for the next years on the backlog.

    But i am only working in small companies and therefore can just start working on stuff that needs to be done without needing approval of three levels of management first...
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    @Oktokolo Yeah in that case, you can just do what you want. It's different once you have to book the hours to projects.
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    In a nutshell every contract says that you should organize and work by yourself.

    Meaning: Ask for work. Communicate.

    It isn't jour job to look for work, but rather to communicate you have no work _assigned_ currently.

    If you don't get an assignment then, do whatever you want.
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