What was your most disappointing moment as a software developer?

Mine was the realization that when you're working for someone, all they want to see is the final product. The people paying you don't give a shit whether you put your braces on a new line, your domain model doesn't call a database directly or if you're applying the best practices. Your teammates do, but the people paying you don't.

People hire you to get the job done, and that job is to solve a problem for someone. Not in the way that's best for you, but in the most effective way for them. Since I realized this, I lost some pride in my work.

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    See it the other way around: they don't give a shit because they don't even know what that means. However, that's exactly why they hired you as professional, to do it the right way.

    If anything, that shouldn't lessen the pride you take in your work, it should double it.
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    If we compare our work to plumbing.
    It's mostly under the floors, in the walls, unseen by those who use it. They make sure things move around in the pipes. If a plumber did not take pride in his work they may not do a great job in the connections, leave mess under the floorboards, etc. They will leave this for the next plumber.
    Don't leave a mess for the next person. Take pride in your work.
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    What you are describing is called micromanagement, and it only creates problems.

    For me, writing clean code is a matter of my pride. I take that effort because i like my code to have that footmark positively, that someone should recognize that this must have been written by this guy since it is properly indented and etc. Infact like someone else said above, your pride should double if the company doesnt enforce your practices, but you still do it.
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    Those are the people I am selling wordpress for.
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