Forbes: Adblock Detected. Please Turn off your Ad blocker.

Me: *Turns off Adblock*
*Clicks on Continue*

Forbes: Thank you for turning off your Ad Blocker! blah blah
Me: *quickly turns on Adblock*
*clicks on Continue*
*Adblock blocks 11 ads and Forbes loads*

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    Story of most of the Forbes category websites :p
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    @AssadBinTahir I know! But it only works for 1 page. If you click on something else, you have to repeat.
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    there is an option of pause and don't run on this page in AdBlock

    Try to use them. That makes life a little bit easier.
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    @AssadBinTahir I do. But for Forbes, that's one and the same. And I have SO and Wikipedia whitelisted :)
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    Try anti-adblock killer or sth; ublock 3rd party filter. If they modify to have an overlay with increased z-index inspect then delete the div, will be tedious though
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    Left out the last bit 'cause that 'ad-light' thing is BS anyways.
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    @runfrodorun, I have a general rule where if I'm on a site that uses full screen hijacking for ads or mailing lists, or whatever, I boycott them.

    "I don't care if you have something I want to see; don't force your garbage on me." - me
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    Forget ads its stories that kill time...

    Is there an extension that automatically "hides" secondary stories/posts or comments anything?

    If and when you click on a link?

    for example some share a story to a website /blog i never visited but when it loads it hides everything except for the main article?
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    I just made a google rule to block any content from forbes. That made my life a ton easier and i don't miss a thing.
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    *any adblock blocking website*

    - Close the tab

    i mean a little notification is fine, but blocking out the content that's a hell naw
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    @tommy On Stack Exchange sites, I use Stylebot to hide the 'Hot Network Questions' tab. Saves a ton of time for me when browsing SO or any other SE site.
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    Thanks guys for 100 ++'s!
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    @DarKneT Yeah man. Even if they say 'We know you don't like ads, but ours are non-dickish and please consider whitelisting us', I'd even whitelist the site. But this is saying 'We'll force you to eat our shit', then well, screw you too.
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    I literally click links to Forbes like so:

    > oh, this article should be interesting
    \\ loads, starts reading
    \\ redirects to the ad block splash page

    > ah. Guess I'll read somewhere else
    \\back button
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