This is by far the best please turn off your Adblock I have ever seen. I actually paused my ad blocker 😂

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    > inspect element
    > changes "bad person" to "good person"
    > clicks on the newly created link feeling good.
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    @FrodoSwaggins but look at the cute and sad bear!
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    @n3xus Let's change that link to a bad image in Inspect Element too
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    The best one i saw was, that the ad's got replaced with images of nicolas cage when you used an adblock!
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    @hacker Or just inspect element and delete the overlay
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    Some sites take good care of their ads, I usually whitelist some independent blogging sites to support them with what little ads offer to them.

    Last year I whitelisted YouTube to support content creators.
    Needless to say, YouTube ads have become so annoying (especially Chinese mobile games showing for a non-chinese YouTube account) I had to remove YouTube from my whitelist, now I dedicate 5$ donations on patreon for 3 YouTube channels that I like to support.

    I think if websites owners cared about what and how ads are showing on their sites, users would care less about using ad blocking extensions.
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    I hate these childish mental black mail like this "I'm a bad person" button bullshit that sums up bad marketing that aims to weak people need to "be good ", they can suck my balls, I'd rather murder that fucking bear in front of his family to show them the same level of aggressiveness I perceive from this kind of shit.
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    @azous wow that became very dark, very quickly. I think it sucks but the psychology is quite admirable in a way.
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    @n3xus that is the problem, it IS fucked up.... But it is presented in a way you think its cute. Just like a bearded grow man dressed as a Geisha.
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    @FrodoSwaggins yeah gimme free content, and while you're at it, restructure your revenue streams and how you operate your business too, because I don't like ads! 😁 seems legit
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    Your name precedes you @hacker
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    Use coinhive
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    PUBG is literally everywhere these days lol
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    @lamka02sk fucking hypetards
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    Please, turn off ad blocker or we are going to mine cryptocurrencies in your computer
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    @FrodoSwaggins and I'm sure they'd respond: "Well then get the fuck off our website and stop wasting our bandwidth."
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    @cafecortado I actually blocked the coin mining sites with uBlock Origin.
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    @FrodoSwaggins do you have some online shopping self controle issue? I mean it sounds like you put in a lot of effort just to block out a couple of square inches of your screen.
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    @charlitos but... but... I wanna feel good!
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    Wondering what all u ppl are doing on those shitty sites that are just a "waste of bandwidth".

    If they were, you wouldn't be wasting your time talking about it, or even getting angry. You would just close the tab and move on.

    I smell hypocrites and freeloaders in this thread :^)
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    If I saw this, I'd block the pop-up without thinking twice.
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    @FrodoSwaggins you need to remember the quantity of traffic. This website probably costs upwards of 500 a month to keep up and it's non profit other than ads.

    Also what site?
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    @n3xus $500/month from ads alone is quite the accomplishment.
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    @Root I'm sure they get some hefty donations as well.
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    @Nanos do you also block your windshield while driving so that you don't see the ads?
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    @FrodoSwaggins I think that your point of view is very synical. Most websites that show ads do so because that is what the market for content works like right now. The big public wants free content and if it’s not free they’ll get it somewhere else. For the most part, no one gives a shit if its worth it to pay, because they won’t even give it a chance. The papers you talk of are slowly dying all over the world because of this and while I agree that that’s sad, it’s just simple market forces at play here.

    It’s still no more than fair that content creators make money from their content though, and in the current market, showing ads seems to be the most effective way. Saying that they should all just find some magical other way is just unrealistic. I myself don’t even use an adblocker, I just visit websites that respect their users and keep the ads complementary in stead of obtrusive, because I want to support the creators of the content I consume.
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    @FrodoSwaggins supermarkets are designed to manipulate your shopping behavior, they all do it. Hell, every food manufacturer designs their package to look super attractive in a shelf.

    They're brainwash you and you're not getting anything in return... so on a scale of that, a guy making 100 bucks on a shitty blog and google making another 100 on the same blog, does not seem like the worst evil out there.
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    I love how I'm still getting ++ on this. Five hundred skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttt
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    That's cute!!!
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    If it's for RPS, i have no problem :)
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    @FrodoSwaggins I'm all for ads and supporting websites, developers, bloggers, content creators, etc. I have no issue watching adds, as long as they are not:

    A) annoying and popping up all over my screen.
    B) political
    C) violating my privacy
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    Run no script you shouldn't get them.
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    Rockpapershotgun no longer has it :-(
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