I feel like a lot of us write code without thinking it through beforehand. I spend more than half my day working everything out via diagrams on paper or lucidchart or with a coworker/previous maintainer (if applicable) before line #1 of code is written. Ideas are to code as source code is to build products - the latter is made (essentially by rote) from the former.

I'm glad I work from home thanks to 'rona, but before that, gah. Everyone else was visibly grinding away, and here I am staring into space thinking about the problem/project I'm working on. I'm not gonna sit there all day debugging code I once rushed. There's a reason the sites I maintain stay up and untouched by hackers (I think, you can never be sure...).

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    Coding with out having a plan ends in clusterfuck - immediately or later.
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    @FringoTheDingo You never worked with bad devs Oo

    Holy moly. That's unexpected.
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    @FringoTheDingo I have the same thing, I usually generate a mental chart and start working from there.

    A lot of people are visual understanders but I'm a codual guy, even if it's empty classes and interfaces I still find it more comprehensible
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