Way back no full stack. Now theres full stack and companies expect us also to be full stack + DevOps God that knows Azure, AWS, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible , puppet etc.

They want to save money and hire a one man IT department.

Full stack web and mobile developer with DevOps God skills.
Frontend = Angular React
Backend = Java Python
DB = NoSQL, MySQL, Firebase, Postgres

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    Way back there was only full stack ;)

    There where no separate frontend or backend or even db layer, just a program.
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    Welcome back to the past, where 1 did everything, somewhere along the journey management blurred the lines and created independent roles for each segment, but as the years went on, and the 1 turned into a team and that team grew into many, management noticed a new problem, more hands on deck = greater overhead costs.

    We are just regressing back to that 1 chump to saves the world!
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    Back in my days....

    You got a task.

    You don't know stuff? figure it out.

    Somethings missing? Get it.

    Stuff not working? Fix it.

    Missing knowledge? Educate yourself.

    In the worst case, you spend a day chatting in IRC, reading mailing lists and waiting for the right time so you could try stuff without interrupting others work.

    Complexity surely has risen, but the work is still the same.

    Poke the problem or yourself till it works.
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    Recruiters are the yellow press of IT.
    Don't believe what they write.

    Of course, everyone would like to get an employee who has maximum skill level in everything. But it actually isn't a requirement.
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    Full stack just means bad at everything
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    Yeah fool stuck developer hehe
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