This fucker here had 5 SP worth of code when he decided to do this

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    That's amazing progress as Microsoft understands it: they put a QR code into the bluescreen!
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    That wouldn't be a problem if you didn't code in notepad.

    When did you last update your Intel gpu drivers?
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    Mine does that fairly often.... I think the SSD is dying.

    Having said that VS Code somehow never loses my code ....
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    Update - when it did restart VSC had the code in the tabs - filenames(deleted)

    @electrineer @N00bPancakes
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    @bizAnalyst But what is an SP though? Service Pack?
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    @Fast-Nop probably story point
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    @dontbeevil who was blaming windows
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    Bluescreens are most often hardware issues. Doesn't matter whether you get a black Linux kernel panic or a Windows blue screen...
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    @Oktokolo to be honest I had my share of bsods on win 10. One update caused them for the whole company. That one was a MS fuck-up.
    Also had it on dual boot system while Linux ran without panics, so probably not hardware but perhaps a driver issue.

    The update system sucks but Windows kernel is quite stable since win 7
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    Yeah, MS seems to have fired everyone who did updates back then, when they introduced Windows 7. Updates worked fine when XP was still good to use.
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    @Oktokolo They fired their testing team who used physical machines and now test everything on VMs. That way, they only catch bugs that would hit everyone, hence tons of update bugs that only happen on some machines.

    But who cares? MS is doing the right thing, investing their money in more profitable areas than Windows, and Windows addicts still will keep using it anyway.
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    True story. Sadly, even i have still to use windows (just upgraded to 10) for gaming (got an nVidia GPU for free and i don't like to use driver blobs in Linux).
    Well, it sort of works as a game launcher...
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