@Apple iPadOS an iOS teams: you puZies.

You release one buggy iOS / iPadOS after another, each piling on features and bugs, without fixing crowd documented long standing defects.

But what really pisses me off is when you don't have the balls to own up to your mistakes. This is at least the 3rd time you have re-released an iOS / iPadOS update under the same version number. This time it is 14.5.1

I have iPadOS 14.5.1 installed and the iPad is now telling me I need to update to 14.5.1. Just own up to it, you released buggy shit and you need to release another bug fix days after... call it 14.5.2. Call it like it is and we respect you. Try to hide it and you lose our respect, you pussies.

If Microsoft did one thing right, they defined the release sequencing:

Changing X means rewrite the manual it is so new and improved (🖕🏻 you Adobe and FileMaker)

Changing Y means it is an update with more features than bug fixes but not a generational change that constitutes a rewrite of anything (🖕🏻 you macOS team for bastardizing with 10.X.Y)

Changing Z means you fixed your stuff, we respect you for owning up to your mistakes.

Man-up Apple, grow some balls and stop confusing people with trying to cover up your screw ups. It's all about the Z.

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    “It’s all about the Z.”

    Man this feels like a very deep quote. Imma use it.
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    If you patch your code call it a fucking patch, not a new version of the same exact version number
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    Typical Apple. They even have image management about their version numbers. Nothing negative is ever published by Apple.

    Remember that all events worldwide were being cancelled in 2020 due to covid19? Apple's dev con was also changed to an online format. But not a word about covid19, the pandemic, crisis, health risks or them being forced to do this. Nooooo.... Instead, Apple 'reimagined' the event in a 'groundbreaking online format never seen before'. Apple took the 'next steps into the future'. Go look it up, it's horrible.

    What a disgusting, egocentric company!

    People were dying.
    Entire countries were breaking down.
    Many lost everything: jobs, homes, freedom, social security, their futures, loved ones...

    But Apple redefined industry standards. Fuck you and your silver design spoon up you corduroy wrapped ass.
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