Okay, so, I have a functional snort agent instance, and it's spewing out alerts in it's "brilliant" unified2 log format.

I'm able to dump the log contents using the "u2spewfoo" utility (wtf even is that name lol... Unified2... something foo) but... It gives me... data. With no actual hint as to *what* rule made it log this. What is it that it found?

All I see are IDs and numbers and timings and stuff... How do I get this

sensor id: 0 event id: 5540 event second: 1621329398 event microsecond: 388969
sig id: 366 gen id: 1 revision: 7 classification: 29
priority: 3 ip source: *src-ip* ip destination: *my-ip*
src port: 8 dest port: 0 protocol: 1 impact_flag: 0 blocked: 0
mpls label: 0 vland id: 0 policy id: 0

into information like "SYN flood from src-ip to destination-ip"

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