To come home from work and have motivation to work on side projects...

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    Okay Genie, this one we really need. Get your ass her right now! Imma rub your lamp!
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    Motivation after work? what is this? 404 not found :D

    Jokes aside, be careful and avoid burnout at all cost :)
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    @justDeployIt yeah it's tough man - like I love coding and what not, I just need a break from the computer after 8 hours. There's alot of things I wanna bang away at though 🤷‍♀️ #struggle
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    @justDeployIt on the topic of burnout tho, I did a Bootcamp style program last year and had a brutal practicum so I don't know if I have fully recovered from that 😂😂 I was going to build a simple strapi/gatsby project this weekend and the tut was outdated and I was like *nope* fuck this and went back to gaming ahahaha
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    @yesNo don't stress it too much, I was also pushing a lot when I started my career.
    But there are different approaches to improve and grow besides writing code.
    For exp: you can watch some conferences, read tech books and so on ....
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