Cyber security. Deep knowledge of cyber security and networks is what I wish I had. The math stuff that no one bothers with, specifically.

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    P.S. just saw the "why". Honestly, idk. It just seems complex and mysterious.
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    @NoMad i always had this idea that cybersecurity is one of those things that looks fun for the first few weeks but then you're only doing paperwork for corporation.

    Cybercrime, on the other hand...
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    It is tough and honestly, unless you are a supergenious who lives and breathes for the job, you cannot be in the loop on everything. Pick your field of expertise and let other do theirs. Cyber security is a collaborative effort. Also, first thing I check out is cve.mitre.org
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    @NeatNerdPrime I already picked my field of expertise, and honestly there's so much to do here that I can't be arsed looking into other fields 😜
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    @NoMad which one is that? Instead of coconut paste... ;-)
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    @NeatNerdPrime lol. Might as well deal with them due to lack of jobs. AI/ML/NN
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    One thing about Cyber Security is that it's very interesting, but gets really tedious sometimes and you need a lot of patience.

    I've been on both the sides, Dev and Cyber Sec. My take is Cyber Sec requires a good amount of Passion, depth of updated knowledge.
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