I hate the Android update policy as hell. Why do they have to publish a new version each year? Why not a LTS version which is supported for 5 years? Barely no manufacturer is able to change their own interface aiming to adept it to the new Android version. Windows isn't publishing a new os every year. They just update it regularly to implement new functions. Ubuntu is doing the same.
My HTC A9 was the first with Android 6. I didn't get Android 7 until now?! I paid a lot of money for this peace of shit! And I was granted an update for Android 7. So where is it HTC? Where?!?!?!?!?!?!

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    I still haven't received my 7 upgrade...
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    LTS is useless on consumer phones considering the hundreds of companies involved.

    The closest to LTS are Nexus/Pixel devices so you might want to check them out.

    However, Google has been slowly trying to separate the core OS from the rest of the core apps and soon they will be able to release updates that the OEMs will be able to easily test and push to devices.
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    WindowsPhone master race
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    I think it's a marketing scheme. Apple does this too. People get bored and get excited for new features.
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    "Windows isn't publishing a new os each year" It's moving that way, they just need to get the first one right :D
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    Well that's not android's fault but the manufacturers. My oneplus 3 has the 7 updated since December, so it can't be that hard to update the newer phones. Maybe try lineage OS while the oficial OTA comes out? Lineage (was cyanogen) usually updates to the latest version pretty fast.
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