I am realizing that "We will tell you about the results next week" means "YOU should contact us next week to prove your interest" in the HR language.

What else is there that is subtle and hidden during interviews?

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    If you dont hear anyrhing feom them, you are out. No need to call them back.
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    @stop username checks out
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    If they say, "we decided on another candidate as better fit for the position", what this means is that you forgot to put on your trousers when you went to the interview.
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    @Fast-Nop In hindsight this explains a lot of things for me. ;-)
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    If they are not straight with you about expectations and they do not follow through. I would expect them to be evasive and fail to do things if you worked there.
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    Write a book about it.

    "HR: hiring decoded."

    Part humor, part dictionary.
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