Why is there such a huge disconnect between the way people talk about work on LinkedIn and what it actually entails? All jobs come down to selling your time to stave off homelessness and hunger, and they all pretend there is something enjoyable in it, even for the lowest paid people. Salaries no longer buy us housing anyway. There is no point in any of this anymore apart from pure survival. Why do these idiots pretend their job is somehow different? It's not.

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    Agree with you, Satnexni!
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    Enthusiasm is easy to show / fake.

    It's harder to show that you're actually good at your job.
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    as long as everyone pretends to be okay with the status quo nothing will change... same as actually being okay with it

    I feel like that's why there's such a promotion of the ideal of pretending to be a corporate slave, to keep everyone in line
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    I absolutely hate those 4 paragraph self masterbating posts. I read them like - '10 years ago I started this and now I'm the fucking best big dick prick out there. I'm so inspiring, please comment, like and tell me how amazing I am'.

    If you got a new job just update your profile with the new title, say thanks for the congrats, don't wank off Infront of me.
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    LinkedIn is the new Instagram.

    This might entertain you as it did to me, r/LinkedInLunatics
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    Whenever I ace a job interview I erect a big fucking billboard outside my house to share the news with the world.
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    Because LinkedIn became a marketing platform, you just fart and smell your own farts.

    My company posted an article on hoe cool we are because we implemented OKRs.
    This is the fort attempt to implement company wide goals, the only tjing we change between attempts is the name of it and do every thing exactly the same.

    For the curious the names have been: Priorities, Clusters, Goals, smart Goals and now OKRs.

    And it seems management hasn't realized that all of that are just different paradigms to be applied at different scopes.

    Btw, the OKRs anot not working either.
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